A Lesson from Superhero Squad

Yesterday I was sitting in our pastors meeting at PFB.  My phone rang and I saw that it was home.  I rarely get a call during staff meetings from home so I excused myself to take the call.  I expected to hear Kelley’s voice, but it wasn’t her voice.  It was the voice of my 4-year-old, Dylan.  He had a very serious situation that he needed help with.  He needed “counsel” on how to get to the next level in his Wii game, “Superhero Squad.”  He was very serious about needing to know how to beat that level.  So, I told him this wasn’t really so important that he needed to interrupt my meeting for.  NOT REALLY!!! I proceeded to tell him exactly what he needed to do to get past that level and on to the next in his game.  After I finished explaining it, he said, “Okay. Thanks, dad.”  And that was it.

I walked back into my meeting and started thinking: this is how it is with God.  Just like my boys can “interrupt” my day at any point that they need to, I can do the exact same thing with God.  And there is not a certain criteria on the requests that I’m allowed to interrupt God with.  No matter what it is, God will listen and then “counsel” me on what to do next, even if I’m asking him for advice on how to pass the next level of “Superhero Squad.”


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