PROPS to the People of FLOOD

I just have to do it again.  FLOOD – You are are FLIPPIN’ AMAZING!!! Seriously.  I can’t believe…

  • Your faithfulness.  You are showing up every week to FLOOD.  And not only that, you’re bringing and inviting people to come and be part of it.  And on the nights when you can’t be here, a whole lot of you are telling me that you’re going to still be there by watching it live online.
  • Your tenacity.  We are going through the book of James right now and it is tearing us apart.  This is definitely an “In Your Face” series, and yet you keep coming.  It makes me worry a little bit that you all love pain.  If so, we have a group of counselors here at PFB that we can get you in touch with. 🙂
  • Your passion.  On Wednesday nights, you BRING IT!!! During worship on Wednesday nights you’ll find me looking around to see how everyone is doing.  I cannot tell you how blessed I am to see you all worshipping Jesus as if you really believe that he is pleased by how you praise him.
I am so thankful for you.  I can’t put into words how blessed I am to get to pastor you all.  You all add so much to my life.  You are amazing.  Get ready.  God’s best through FLOOD is still yet to come.
        So thankful for you,
        What a ride,

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