Update from FLOOD last night…

LAST NIGHT WAS INSANE!!! Seriously.  I couldn’t believe it again.  We continued going through our James series called, “In Your Face,” looking at the topic of asking God for wisdom during the times of trial and struggle.  What a powerful evening.  I called people to two different things:

  • I called people to surrender their lives to Jesus—to receive Christ and his salvation.  We saw 6 people surrender to Christ last night.  The place cheered and applauded as these girls stood up.  It is blowing my mind what we are seeing happen every single week.  In the month of January we have seen 19 people surrender to Christ and 7 people baptized.
  • I called people to take a piece of paper that was provided for them in the bulletins last night and write the following words: “MY WILL.”  Then I invited them to come forward, crumbling up that sheet of people with “MY WILL” written on it, and to throw it at the base of the steps of the stage as a symbolic act telling God that they wanted his wisdom and his will rather than trying to force their own will.  Let’s just say that the floor was flooded with a whole lot of trash last night.  
God is using this series in amazing ways.  I even received a text last night from a high school student who couldn’t make it to FLOOD in person but watched it online.  She said this:
“Gift from Jesus = PFB live!… Hit right where I needed! Praise God for people being brought home!!”
That quick text completely pumped me up for two reasons:  1).  Because when people can’t be here in person they are still being part of FLOOD by watching it online.  2).  Because God spoke personally to her.
Thank you so much for your prayers.  God is honoring your prayers.  Keep going.  Keep praying.  
           What a ride,

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