Update and Prayer…


I want to thank you for praying for me last week.


  1. FLOOD last Wednesday night was explosive (click here to read all that God did that night).  In short, we saw 6 people stand and surrender their lives to Jesus.  We have spent three weeks in the book of James and God is absolutely tearing us up as we go through it.  But it’s a good thing: in order for God to make us more and more into the likeness of Jesus, he has to first completely destroy us so that we can be made brand new.
  2. On Sunday morning God had something to say to the people of PFB.  Oh my goodness it was a great morning.
  3. On Sunday night I spoke to the D-Group (discipleship group) Leaders at Azusa Pacific University.  The topic was prayer.  Again, the Holy Spirit showed up and taught us all what he expects from us in prayer.  Such a powerful time.
  1. On Wednesday night at FLOOD I am continuing through the book of James.  Please be praying as I prep and pray my way through this next part of James.  We are also having baptisms this week at FLOOD.  No one is signed up for baptism as of yet, but we are again trusting Jesus to show up and do something amazing through this.
  2. On Friday I drive up to speak to the Intervarsity group up at UC Merced.  I’ve never had the opportunity to teach up there at UC Merced and am so excited about the opportunity.
Thank you again for your constant support.  I know I always say it, but it’s all that I can do.  Thank you for all that you do for me in partnering with me in this ministry.  I love you all.
         What a ride,

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