Ignite was absolutely incredible!!! I cannot believe that what I witnessed actually took place.  It was three-hours of intense and passionate worship of Jesus.  I spoke on the renown of God, his fame, glory, power and steadfast love (spoke from Psalm 63:1-4).  Megan’s key passage was Romans 11:36 and she was AMAZING!!! Jarret and Ryan led us in worship singing.  Ryan Palmer and Andy Shoemaker were the MC’s for the evening – the greatest MC’s on the face of the planet.  The night was incredible.  More info is coming, but I at least wanted to share the picture above of one of the moments in the evening.  I was so overwhelmed with this sight that I had to stop and take a picture.
The next Ignite worship event is October 1st, 2011 (www.igniteusnow.com). The theme will be “Free Fall”.  Thank you so much for praying.  Thank you to those of you who joined us for the evening, whether in person or online.  It was unbelievable!!! Thank you, Jesus.


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