Did You Hear Heaven This Morning?

The party was happening again this morning down here in Ensenada, Mexico.  I woke up and got ready for the leader’s meeting at 7:00am.  While I was sitting there I sensed pride and arrogance setting into my heart.  When I sensed it, I took out my prayer journal and wrote these words:

I fear that pride and arrogance are creeping up and knocking at the door of my heart (or it’s already in my heart and its waking up).  Please help. I confess it and ask for your forgiveness.

Also, I want to preach your message this morning.  No matter who is here, I want to teach your message.  And please confirm your message for this morning before I go up to preach today.

So I walked over to chapel and it was confirmed in te worship time.  The message I had in mind was not confirmed but rather a different one.  The passage: Lamentations 3:22-26.  Click on the passage reference and be encouraged by it’s promises in the midst of difficult and hopeless times (times of lamenting).

At the end of the message I called people to surrender their lives to Christ.  Before I could even finish the invitation, a girl stood straight up with no hesitation.  After that, two more stood up.  I asked them, “Is Jesus your Lord?” They all said, “yes.”  I asked if they believed that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.  They said, “yes.”  And everyone went nuts.

I then invited those who had been running from God (resulting in them not seeing God as good – read Lamentations 3:25) to repent and come back to him.  There were about 7 or so people that stood up confessing their need to repent and return to Jesus.

After this, team members circled those from their own team who stood up to make some type of decision for Jesus.  They circled them, loved on them, and prayed over them.  It was beautiful.

For this week so far, we have seen 10 people surrender to Jesus here in Ensenada.

The work that the Holy Spirit is doing in this camp is absolutely mind-blowing.

Thank you, Jesus, for letting me play with you here in Ensenada this week.  You’ve blown me away once again.



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