FLOOD Family: The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Last night I taught on our vision and purpose as a ministry at FLOOD.

to reach and equip people to change their world for Christ.

At the end of the message I called people to come forward to sign a piece of paper if they were committing to the vision and to be owners of the ministry rather than just attenders of a worship service.  Here’s what blew me away: 52 PEOPLE SIGNED THE SHEETS OF PAPER!!! 52 people came forward to sign the paper to state that they were ALL IN for the vision and to be active in the ministry that God has called FLOOD to.

This pumped me up.

And then I received this email this morning:
“Good morning, Brian,
          “I wanted to let you know I finally made it down in person to Pomona last night.  I had been watching the internet broadcast a few times, after I made the connection that there was this awesome youth minister my friend Jim told me about.  Small world — it was you. (I’m blushing as I type that part of the email out)
          “It was so much better in person,… Jim has been attending Wednesday nights for a few months and last night was my first opportunity.  Jarret has an awesome gift!… Last night was so energizing, especially your message.” (again, blushing)

FLOOD FAMILY: Thank you so much for what you’re doing and for what you’re about to take on.  I’m even more convinced of this than ever before: the best is yet to come and I’m pumped.


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