Please Be Praying…

Here is an update on how you can be praying for me this week:

1).  This Wednesday night we are FINISHING UP OUR SERIES IN THE BOOK OF JAMES at FLOOD!!!! I can’t believe it.  Who would have thought that a ministry could spend 7 months studying one book of the Bible? 🙂 So please be praying as we close this series, and then be praying for me as I begin prepping for our next series in August called, “Ghost.”  It’s a three-week series starting on August 10th on the Holy Spirit.  It’s going to be an amazing series.

2).  This Friday morning I get the privilege of officiating at the memorial service of Ray Fukuchi, a dear member of our family here at PFB Church.  Please pray for the family as they work through the process of grief with this unexpected passing of Ray.  Please pray as I meet with this family tomorrow and then prep the service.

3).  This weekend I will be speaking at a retreat in Ojai.  I will be speaking to junior high and high school students.  Please pray as I prep and preach.

Thank you all again so much for all your support for my teaching ministry.  I am so thankful for you.


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