I’m Not Batman

Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus,… — Philippians 1:1a
Last night was a powerful night at FLOOD. It was our kick-off in our new study through the book of Philippians. And we are off to a blazing start. We got through the whole first half of verse one of chapter one. Yep. That’s it. But it was UNBELIEVABLE what Jesus had for us to focus on. The key point: we, Christians, are SLAVES of Christ. Now, some of you are quick to point out that if we have surrendered to Christ then we are children of God. And you couldn’t be more right. However, we are also SLAVES of Jesus. This is one of the titles that Paul gives himself in almost all of his epistles. We belong to Jesus and are called to simply do what he says.
This made me think of Batman (I know – my brain works in some really weird ways). I thought about how much I have enjoyed growing up watching Batman, playing with with Batman action figures and video games, and now watching my boys doing the same thing. I can remember wanting to be Batman. He had all of the cool gadgets and tricks. He was the guy that could take care of anyone and everyone. He was the person who people called on when they were in trouble. And he always saved the day.
Here’s the problem: too often I see myself playing the role of Batman as I stroke the ego of my “savior-complex”. As I live out the mission that Jesus has for me, I picture myself in the role of Batman. The one who always saves the day. The one that everyone calls on. But here’s the reality: I’m not that guy who saves the day. I’m not the guy that people need to call on. I’m not Batman. In fact: do you know the role that I have realized belongs to me from the movie, “Batman”? Here it is. It’s going to change your life. The answer: Alfred (the butler). That’s it.
My job is to do what Jesus says, every time. He’s the one that saves the day. I cannot live my life as if I’m the man. Rather, I must embrace my role as servant and slave of Christ Jesus. People need Jesus. My job is to do whatever it takes to introduce people to him. That’s it.

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