Please Pray for Tonight

My Bible and notes for tonight.

I’m in my office as I write this – reading, praying, and going over Luke 2:1-20 to preach tonight at FLOOD Christmas. As I keep reading it over and over I just get more and more excited. The thing is: MY THOUGHTS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. I want clarity. I want to proclaim God’s truth in a way that people get and understand. I want GOD’S MESSAGE to be proclaimed loud and clear.

And even as I write that, there is one key thing that keeps coming to mind (which is actually the title of the message for tonight): “The Message in the Manger.” Here are key words that I believe are found in the message in that manger: humble King, good news, great joy, for all the people, peace, hope, help, God’s plan. It is amazing!!! I would love to see you join us in person at FLOOD tonight if you can make it (PFB Church – 601 N. Garey Ave, Pomona, 91767), or you can join us live online at

Please pray for me as I continue to prep, plan, and pray through this message for tonight. Then please pray as I preach it.

About what else to pray for, I am on vacation starting on Sunday for a week and a half.  However, I will be speaking/teaching at a church retreat in the San Jose area December 30-January 1 while I’m gone. Please be praying for me for that trip. I’m pretty excited.

Thank you all for praying. Merry Christmas to each one of you.


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