Update and Prayer…

This past weekend I experienced a dream-come-true. I was able to go back to Hume Lake and speak to over 1,000 high school students in the chapel that I made a huge decision for Jesus in 20 years ago. Here were some of the highlights:

  • I would guess that I saw between 60-80 high school students surrender to Jesus on Saturday night.
  • I would guess that I saw around 300-400 people (students and adults alike) stay back on Sunday night in the chapel to cry out to God and admit that they were broken and were needing healing.
  • On Monday morning, I sensed God telling me to ask if there were any more students who wanted to surrender to Jesus right after the worship team finished. When I did, 6 students stood up to surrender to Jesus. I didn’t preach one word, but the worship team did through the worship time.
It was an incredible weekend.
Here’s how you can be praying for me this week:
  • Tonight I am teaching on the topic of pain as we continue our series called, “PERSPECTIVE: Getting Through the Pain” at FLOOD. We are looking at Job 1-2, and 38-42. God has done some amazing things through this series. Please pray that he continues. Pray as I prep, pray through and preach this message tonight.
  • Tomorrow morning I am sharing with some of the moms here at PFB. Please pray that God would give me wisdom as they have asked me to speak on the topic of how they can talk about sex with their kids.
  • This weekend I am hanging with the young adults of PFB Church for our Young Adults retreat. We have about 38 of us going up to Big Bear for our retreat. Please pray for our time together and for me as I lead us in our times of Bible study.
  • Finally, please be praying for the IGNITE leadership team as we finish up all of the preparation for our IGNITE event on March 3rd (www.igniteusnow.com).
Thank you so much again. You all are amazing.

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