ONE HEART: Connect with God

On Wednesday night at FLOOD I preached on our new vision for the ministry (Connect with God. Connect with others). The first core value within that vision is this:

ONE HEART: Connect with God.

This core value is the first priority—the catalyst— of everything that happens in our ministry. We want people to connect with God.

I have a desire to see every person who is a part of what God is doing at FLOOD to connect with God in a meaningful way, every single day. I want to help create an atmosphere every single Wednesday night at FLOOD where people can come in and encounter God in a real way (of course I can only do my part — God decides how to connect).

This is the first thing. Connect with God.

Have you connected with God today? I would love to hear your story of how you connected with God at some point this week, whether in your personal time with him or at a worship service somewhere. If you would leave a comment below about how you connected with God and what that was like for you, I would love to read about.


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