Expect Opposition

As I read all of Acts 14, the same couple of things kept popping out. First, the gospel of Christ needs to preached all over. God has put it on the hearts of his followers to be where he wants them to be, to accomplish what he wants accomplished. So, as Christians, we move and act to see that people come to Christ. And we will see people surrendering to Christ along the way (since the harvest is plentiful). But, we must expect opposition as we move forward in God’s plan and purpose. Paul and Barnabas experienced opposition in each place where they saw people surrendering to Christ, believing in Jesus as their Savior and Lord (Paul was even stoned with rocks so badly that people thought that he died and left him for dead)

Opposition is to be expected. It is not only for the few, unless the few are the only ones who are truly being used by God. Opposition is never experienced by those who pose no threat to the Enemy. Opposition is reserved for those who truly follow and obey Christ because they are the threat — because Jesus is alive and well in them. This opposition will come in so many different ways. It is not the same opposition for every single person in every situation. But opposition will always accompany the working of God, but trust God in these times of opposition. He is sovereign and he is with you.

So, if you’re living for Christ, expect opposition. Fear when you face none.


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