Disciple Versus Crowd

Jesus had just finished feeding 5000+ people with five loaves of bread and two small fish. He had just done the miraculous. His disciples were there to witness the whole thing, leaving them amazed while also leaving them there to pick up the left overs. The crowds were filled and amazed, having just witnessed the miraculous.

But now it was time to go. And here's what Jesus did: he sent his disciples on ahead of him across the sea of Galilee while he dismissed the crowds. His disciples were sent on a mission with a purpose while the crowds were dismissed to go back to their lives. Both had been there to witness the miraculous. Both groups were left amazed. However, one group went back home with their stomachs filled to live their lives while the other group was sent on ahead to impact the lives of others and to prepare the way for Jesus.

The life of the crowd experiences some good things that Jesus can do, but the life of the disciple is forever changed and impacted by being in relationship with Jesus. And it is true that the disciples were sent on ahead of Jesus by Jesus into a raging storm that would hit the Sea of Galilee. However, they saw Jesus walk on water because of the storm that he placed them in. The crowd may have been safe, but the disciples were saved. The crowd may have experienced a miracle, but the disciples came to know Jesus in a deeper and more marvelous way.

In short, the crowd experiences what God can do. The disciple, on the other hand, experiences what God can do while also walking with the God who can do it.

Which do you prefer? Which do I prefer?