Jesus Will Answer

…the disciples came to him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the close of the age?” And Jesus answered them…” — Matthew 24:3-4

Am I afraid to ask Jesus questions? Not just little questions, but big ones too? Look at the list of questions that the disciples ask him:

  • When will the temple be torn down?
  • What will be the sign of your coming?
  • What will be the sign of the close of the age?

These questions are HUGE!!! And yet notice: the disciples felt the freedom to ask the questions. Why?

Because that’s what any true disciple will do. Disciples have the freedom within to ask their rabbi questions when they don’t understand. No shame. No worry. They just ask the questions because they actually want to know more.

And what was Jesus’ response: And Jesus answered them. Jesus wanted to answer their questions, and he did. And still today: Jesus wants to answer our questions and he will, as long as we ask.

But also accept this truth: there will be so many times that Jesus answers our questions and we will have no clue what he means. That’s what happens when the Creator tries to explain heaven in human terms. We will not understand everything, but thank goodness we know the one who does.

So ask the questions that you’ve always been wanting to ask, and know that Jesus will answer. But know this: he will tell the truth, whether we like the truth or not, and many of his answers will be too much for us to understand. But don’t let this frustrate you. Rather, let it encourage you to seek him more and more, asking more and more questions, because the nuggets of truth that we do get will leave us changed and transformed.

So what question will you ask first?


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